All of the above happened in 1981. The eggs never really made any money and so I stop promoting them and added them to the list of strange ideas I had. Then 30 years later in December 2011, I got the following email:

Dear Mr. Mendelssohn,
I'm very interested in purchasing your Intergalactic Robot Eggs for my fiance. He remembers reading about them in Omni magazine in the early 1980s, and wishes he had bought some. As he pointed out to me, they'd now be 30 years closer to hatching! In any case, I cannot find them on any of the popular auction sites.I'm hoping you might still have some and be willing to sell me a set. This is honestly the only thing on my fiance's Christmas list, and I'd really like to thrill him by giving him a set of Robot Eggs. I am, of course, willing to pay more than the original price of $8.95. I look forward to hearing from you.
R------ H-----
Phillipsburg, NJ

Naturally I sent her (gratis) a Robotorium with a dozen fresh eggs. (I still had the intergalactic connections to get a new shipment.)