Jake Mendelssohn

I remember as a child the very first time I saw one of my teachers outside of the school. I was actually shocked that they seemed to have a real life. I had always considered them just a part of the school building much like the desks or cafeteria. It just never occurred to me that they existed outside of school.

I am sure that some of my students probably have similar thoughts about me. So to help them I have put together this information about some of the things I have done. This material is not meant to be bragging or as an example of what you should do, but I have done a lot of very varied things, some successfully and some not so successfully. This material is presented strictly for informational purposes in case somebody might be curious.

Resume - Everything that is on this resume is true, but not everything that is true is on this resume.

Medi-Alert - This device was created and sold before the Life-Alert ("I've fallen and can't get up") device

Nationwide Robots - Made and rented Robots internationally for promotional and entertainment purposes.

Robot Eggs - A strange idea that got a lot of attention.

Technology Services Institute - Just some of the products I designed and sold once I moved to Connecticut.

RobotACTS - A Robotics curriculum developed for the Thames Science Center in New London

Connect Magazine - A magazine for teachers.

Midnight Engineering Magazine - A magazine for engineers who do their best work after dark (and maybe even in the dark).

Miscellaneous Stories & Articles - Things that didn't fit anywhere else.

Modern School Supplies - Designed many products for Modern including these.

Manufacturing Applications Center - Was the first director of CCSU's center to help Connecticut manufacturing companies.

Trinity College Fire-Fighting Robot Contest - Founded and ran Trinity's international Robotics contest for 10 years.

Batrow - Designed the hardware and software for Batrow's microprocessor controlled products (MPC-S and MPC-M). The products sold very successfully for many years before the owners of the company decided to retire and close down the company.

Nationwide Amusement Products - Great design. Great engineering. Great product. Terrible sales.

A Robot's Guide To Survival - What I learned from many years in Robotics

Footprints on the Moon - I actually helped make footprints on the moon.

China - Since 2001, I have been invited to China eight times to preside at their International Robot contest and to give talks on educational Robotics at high school and universities.

World Educational Robot Contest (WER) - A huge international Robotics contest with students in grades K to 12 from around the world building and programing Robots to solve various real-world simulated problems.

Silly Putty - I helped create a revolutionary breakthough in Silly Putty technology and set a manufacturing production record at General Electric at the same time.