Jake Mendelssohn

I remember as a child the very first time I saw one of my teachers outside of the school. I was actually shocked that they seemed to have a real life. I had always considered them just a part of the school building much like the desks or cafeteria. It just never occurred to me that they existed outside of school.

I am now working at the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science and I am sure that some of my students probably have similar thoughts about me. So to help them I have put together this information about some of the things I have done. This material is not meant to be bragging or as an example of what you should do, but I have done a lot of very varied things, some successfully and some not so successfully. This material is presented strictly for informational purposes in case somebody might be curious.

Resume - Everything that is on this resume is true, but not everything that is true is on this resume.

Medi-Alert - This device was created and sold before the Life-Alert ("I've fallen and can't get up") device

Nationwide Robots - Made and rented Robots internationally for promotional and entertainment purposes.

Robot Eggs - A strange idea that got a lot of attention.

Technology Services Institute - Just some of the products I designed and sold once I moved to Connecticut.

RobotACTS - A Robotics curriculum developed for the Thames Science Center in New London

Connect Magazine - A magazine for teachers.

Midnight Engineering Magazine - A magazine for engineers who do their best work after dark (and maybe even in the dark).

Miscellaneous Stories & Articles - Things that didn't fit anywhere else.

Modern School Supplies - Designed many products for Modern including these.

Manufacturing Applications Center - Was the first director of CCSU's center to help Connecticut manufacturing companies.

Trinity College Fire-Fighting Robot Contest - Founded and ran Trinity's international Robotics contest for 10 years.

Batrow - Designed the hardware and software for Batrow's microprocessor controlled products (MPC-S and MPC-M). The products sold very successfully for many years before the owners of the company decided to retire and close down the company.

Nationwide Amusement Products - Great design. Great engineering. Great product. Terrible sales.

A Robot's Guide To Survival - What I learned from many years in Robotics

Footprints on the Moon - I actually helped make footprints on the moon.

China - I have been invited to China three times to preside at their national Robot contest and to give talks on educational Robotics at high school and universities.

Silly Putty - I helped create a revolutionary breakthough in Silly Putty technology and set a manufacturing production record at General Electric at the same time.